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Sungai Bernam Beautification Project


The proposed beautification project of Sungai Bernam begins from Sarang Art Hub to Bus Station Tanjong Malim area, about 460 meters long with an area of ​​3.5 acres. The objectives of this project are:

- Provide leisure area for youth and local residents to promote of social interaction

- Provision of space to facilitate youth and locals organize cultural events and art (art gallery and amphitheatre)

- Space to complement activities and programs conducted in Sarang Art Hub, for youth to have the opportunity to showcase their talent in public area (mural painting, busking, theatre)

- Space to encourage youth and locals performing physical activities at Fitness Station

- Other components proposed to encpurgae youth to do business (open bazaar, bundle, souvenir)

Among the components are amphitheatre as the landmark, observation area, water rafting / canoe station, decking and benches, open plaza, mural wall (The Canvas) and etc. Sungai Bernam riverfront beautification project is under the supervision of the National Landscape Department.

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