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Transit Home


In delivering best living quality for youth, Transit Home program is a residential facility in town centre specially to the newly married young couples (aged under 30 years old). There are two proposed locations for 1MYC Tanjong Malim Transit Home (about 300 units) have been identified closed to the Tanjong Malim Railway Station. This facility can be rented temporarily by low-income young couples before they can afford to buy a house. Transit Home 1MYC Tanjong Malim will be...

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Affordable Housing


Youth to own a house in 1MYC Tanjong Malim? The development of affordable housing is one of the government's initiatives in helping the youth to buy house at affordable price (less than RM250,000.00). Two proposed locations (about 284 units) have been identified to develop affordable housing projects in 1MYC Tanjong Malim. This is a joint venture project between Tanjong Malim District Council and private developer.